My time with BeInspired

When I first met the girls, admittedly I was very nervous walking into an already established group. However, they were all very approachable which made me more comfortable and in turn allowed me to get to know each and every one of them on an individual basis.


As expected, each member of the project is different yet similar in their passion and drive. They all had a desire to speak their minds in an impactful way. This was significant as we were looking to launch a podcast for the Be Inspired women to convey different themes within different segments.


We wanted a setting that would make the girls feel at ease when discussing different subjects so we thought of an interesting idea: cooking with our conversations! The girls would work as a team and whip up food items including meals, snacks and desserts. Having participated in many sessions, the passion of creating something with immense effort and care really shone through, showcasing the importance of this project.


After the delicious meals or snacks had been made, we all sat around a table and spoke candidly about anything and everything. No script, just a topic to start us off. They ranged from but were certainly not limited to friendships and future aspirations. The conversations were all recorded with a microphone in the middle of the table but it never threw the girls off, it was almost like it was never there. The transparency that the girls showed was effortless and the conversations flowed. In particular, the topic of mental health was one that sparked debate surrounding medication such as anti-depressants to cope with the issue. Self-help methods were also discussed as an alternative to medication.


Following the sessions, the girls reflected on both positive and negative experiences over the past six weeks. Some doted on how they felt less self-conscious about speaking to and meeting new people outside of the sessions. The girls have grown close to and made really good friends of each other. Others emphasised their change in attitude regarding voicing their opinions even in the face of judgement.


With the introduction of these podcasts we are hoping to showcase our voice notes on a platform where others can relate and listen to for inspiration. The series is currently in the works and will be up and running in mid-February. The date will be confirmed on social media so make sure you are following us on Instagram @leadersincommunity and Twitter @lic_projects.


Fatima Uddin