Leaders in Community Visit Oaklands School

We here at Leaders in Community (LIC) had the opportunity to visit Oakland School in Bethnal Green to deliver a series of workshops to promote our work and mission. As our charity is focused around youth leadership, this theme took the centre stage and involved speaking to young people ages 14-15 about their definitions of leadership. We struck some interesting (to say the least) conversations around what would make a good or bad leader. As expected, a lot of teens had differing and in fact opposing views to each other which were all valid in their own ways.

What struck us as interesting was the general consensus of the requirement of power as a trait necessary to be a leader. Some claimed that a leader would have little to no influence over their teams without any power, and that it is a form of control that ensures a team is following instructions and working to their best ability. Conversely, others offered the view that power was actually a corrupting force and often influences a negative behaviour in some leaders.

At LIC we’re not only interested in hearing everyone’s views on this topic. We are invested in awakening the inner leaders of the youth of our community, whether that means leading your fellow peers and friends in a school project or simply taking leadership of your own decisions to progress your future – perhaps by participating in our many events!

Would you describe yourself as a leader or a team player? Do you think power is a necessary trait to possess as a leader? Let us know!


Tasneem Muhammad – LiC Volunteer