Discovery Planet

Over the recent year we have seen city-wide protests by the recently famous group of activists called Extinction Rebellion. The group is a worldwide organisation that was established in London in 2018. They are now widely known for causing disruptions to commuters and the general public in order to protest climate change.

Most recently, protestors boarded the top of trains on the DLR and Jubilee lines in order to prevent them carrying passengers into the City. Their actions included gluing themselves to trains while holding banners with slogans to portray their outrage. While there is a growing awareness of the health of our planet, there seems to be an increasing disdain with the methods that protestors are using. Interestingly, the action taken to prevent commuters boarding their trains to attend their jobs was widely discouraged within Extinction Rebellion itself. While civil disobedience is an excellent way to gain public and government attention, some argue that it may be short-sighted and in fact discourage climate change protesting.

There is no denying that climate change needs global attention from our leaders. I’m sure everyone has heard Greta Thunberg’s moving speech at the UN detailing the damage we as human beings have done to ecosystems around the planet. Yet the discourse is dominated by the next outrageous act a protestor has done to raise attention to this issue.

At LIC, our volunteers have worked alongside Discovery Planet and The University of Kent to deliver workshops to young school children educating them on recycling. The event ran over three days on near consecutive weeks, which saw children carrying out scientific experiments to gain perspective on the issues around plastics. We’d like to think we’ve met several young people who we believe can champion the movement around climate change by starting small and implementing habits themselves and follow in the footsteps of other great young activists like Greta Thunberg.

We’d like to challenge you to recycle at least 5 items a day! There are more things around your house than you know that don’t deserve to end up in a dark dustbin.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou


Tasneem Muhammad – LiC Volunteer