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Introducing – Community Tales

Everyone has a story to share. Everyone has overcome challenges, struggled, felt glory or failure. We wanted to try and capture some of these hidden stories so we have embarked on a journey to uncover as many community stories as we can. Continue reading

Discovery Planet

Over the recent year we have seen city-wide protests by the recently famous group of activists called Extinction Rebellion. The group is a worldwide organisation that was established in London in 2018. They are now widely known for causing disruptions to commuters and the general public in order to protest climate change. Continue reading

Leaders in Community Visit Oaklands School

We here at Leaders in Community (LIC) had the opportunity to visit Oakland School in Bethnal Green to deliver a series of workshops to promote our work and mission. As our charity is focused around youth leadership, this theme took the centre stage and involved speaking to young people ages 14-15 about their definitions of leadership. We struck some interesting (to say the least) conversations around what would make a good or bad leader. As expected, a lot of teens had differing and in fact opposing views to each other which were all valid in their own ways. Continue reading