Why we do it

Supporting young leaders

There are many life-changing decisions needed to be made from a young age and some of us unfortunately do not have supportive people around. Some of the young boys and girls are even bullied due to their race, gender or sexuality; and with the increase in drugs and gang influence our help is even more vital to these communities.

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is one of London’s most deprived boroughs, where 70% of the population are from Black and Ethnic minority communities and unemployment is at its highest in England. Community cohesion and race relations are often poor, drug use and anti-social behaviour persist and crime levels are more than double the national average.

From our experience we have come across so many bright individuals from Tower Hamlets who are keen to go on to higher education, build themselves a career and improve their quality of life — but what seems apparent from a simple conversation is their lack of self-belief and their desire for an opportunity to flourish.